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The Fair Arbitration Now Coalition advocates to end mandatory binding arbitration. Our organizations represent millions of individual members interested in protecting American consumers, workers, homeowners, and seniors. We are concerned with how the proliferation of forced arbitration in contracts and terms of agreement for employment, nursing home admissions, and goods and services has stripped away some of our most basic rights.

Arbitration is not a term that should be buried in the fine print, and it should not be forced upon people as a condition of taking a job, receiving medical care, or getting basic consumer services. Forced arbitration is a private system without an impartial judge, jury, or right to an appeal. Arbitrators are not required to follow the law, and there is no public review of their decisions to make sure they resolve disputes correctly. Moreover, arbitration providers rely on repeat business from the companies that use forced arbitration clauses in their contracts, so it is not surprising that consumers and workers generally lose when they pursue their claims against those companies in arbitral settings.

The Fair Arbitration Now Coalition encourages voluntary arbitration; we only oppose the practice of forcing arbitration on consumers before a dispute arises. If arbitration is in fact good for workers and consumers, as many companies using forced arbitration claim, then we should be allowed to choose to participate after a dispute arises.

Companies are using forced arbitration to avoid accountability for wrongdoing. The Fair Arbitration Now Coalition believes that when people are harmed by discrimination, negligence, defective products, scams, or worse, they have a right to equal justice. We invite you to join our campaign to put an end to forced arbitration.