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Tell Congress to End Forced Arbitration
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Marching Band Delivers Petition From 100,000 Customers to Big Banks

Arbitration should be fair, not forced.

Most people don't know that forced arbitration clauses are buried in the fine print of many contracts to receive products and services, and even to obtain employment. These contract clauses force people to give up their right to go to court - even if a company harms them or rips them off. Instead consumers are pushed into secret arbitration. In arbitration there is no judge, jury, and decisions are rarely appealable. Arbitrators do not have to follow the law. Civil rights and consumer protection laws can become meaningless in arbitration. That's why we need a federal law to make arbitration truly voluntary. Eliminating forced arbitration clauses from contracts will give us - consumers and employees - the power to choose court or arbitration after the dispute arises.

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